ACC Process and Procedure


All requests for approval must be submitted on the Architectural Control Committee Approval Form (ACC 8/01) with the required information attached.

All requests for approval must be submitted only to the ACC through Hara Management, Inc. The Committee will then forward the request to the Board of Directors with its recommendation. The President of the Board of Directors will then inform the applicant through Hara Management, Inc. of the approval or denial of the applicant’s request.

For further assistance, you can contact HARA Management at: 407-628-1086

All requests for approval shall be approved or denied by the ACC and the Board of Directors within thirty days of submission. Should this timeline not be met by the ACC and Board of Directors, the request shall be deemed approved. (This shall not prohibit the Board from requesting additional information in order to process). The Board shall have the right to deny any request until additional information is furnished.

In the event that all members of the ACC or Board of Directors are not available to review a request, the remaining members of the respective committee may approve or deny a request, provided that a quorum has been met.

Following approval of a request, the Board of Director’s and/or the ACC shall have the right to inspect the construction in order to verify conformity. The Board of Directors and/or the ACC shall have the right to photograph the completed construction for its record of approvals.

No Board of Directors or ACC member shall have the right to individually approve or deny a request by his or her sole determination. There shall be no verbal approval or denial made by a member of the above named boards. In the event that an applicant receives such a determination, it shall be deemed null and void and the ACC and Board of Directors shall have no legal obligation to approve the request.


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