Design Requirements


*No temporary or permanent utility or storage shed, building, tent, structure or improvement shall be constructed, erected or maintained without the prior approval of the Architectural Control Committee and must conform with the following guidelines:

  • All sheds constructed or erected on a lot must not be visible from the street or the golf course and must abide by all setback guidelines. If said lot dictates that this is impossible, 12’ setbacks must be met and a visual screening plan must be provided along with the Architectural Control Committee Approval Form.
  • Maximum size of sheds must be no greater than 150 square feet, and the wall height can be no greater than 6’ above finished grade. Also, the peak of the roof can be no greater than 8’ above the finished grade. Color of the shed must conform to that of the house on the lot.
  • There shall be a maximum of one shed on a lot.
  • All pools must be in-ground only and 12’ side setbacks must be met.
  • All necessary permits must be obtained to conform to area governing code requirements.
  • Please provide a survey of your lot and placement of shed, structure or pool on the lot along with your Architectural Control Committee Approval Form.

*Temporary being 48 hours or more

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