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Board of Directors - Projects Currently in Progress

The following projects are what the Board of Directors (BOD) are currently working to better or maintain the Glen Abbey West (GAW) community. If you have suggestions for a new project or would like to comment on a project underway, please attend one of the monthly BOD meetings and share your thoughts or idea.

Fountain for the North Pine Meadows Pond

Design and costs are being explored.

The value to the community is two fold. It will be aesthetically pleasing and a nice addition to enhance curb appeal of the community. In addition, it will be move the water in pond and help to prevent stagnation; therefore, it assists with pond health.


February, 2011 - The Fountain Project has been tabled. It remains open and will be re-addressed with the membership.

Quarterly Newsletter

First Newsletter was published the first week of June, 2010 and distributed on June 9, 2010. The next edition is slated for distribution early October, and the final edition for 2010 is scheduled for the second week of December.

Yard of the Month Contest

Contest rules, voting, and criteria are being developed.

Thus far, some suggestions include the winners can have an entire page of the web site to showcase the beauty and design of the winner's landscape (with owner's permission). Prize-based options are also being explored, such as getting a local business to donate a product or service as the prize.


Yard of the Month Contest Replaces Yard of the Month Contest

February, 2011 - The "Yard of the Month" Contest has been cancelled and replace by a "seasonal" contest, such as Halloween and Christmas Decoration. Other quarterly contests that correspond with the newsletter publications are being discussed.

Web site Update

Content is updated, as available. All 2010 Minutes have been posted.

A full redesign of the site is planned. To be included will be additional pages about the community and e-mail links for interactive/proactive communication. It will also be the source to get forms and procedures.

Exterior Paint Pallet Selection

Color Schemes and color ranges are being explored and compiled.

This task has been ongoing for months. The BOD wants to be able to give the residents the widest range of acceptable colors while maintaining the general guideline intended and currently used within the neighborhood.

Prior the adoption of this pallet, the BOD will announce the meeting in which the the Board will present the pallet to the community to give everyone an opportunity to comment. The three areas of distinction are 1) base, 2) trim, and 3) accent colors. Also considered is shingle color relative to paint color.

This mandate is imposed by the State of Florida to identify specific colors from which the Community may choose.

Interior colors will not be affected, only exterior.


February, 2011 - The Committee has met numerous times and is narrowing down colors to present to the membership.


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